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Do you sell wine and need a place to store your stock? Or maybe you need a location to store your valuable bottles? If so, we can help. At Provino Logistics, we run the best wine storage facility in Singapore. Our facilities have been specially designed to hold the optimum amount of wine with the greatest efficiency. This ensures that you can store large quantities of wine with little to no hassle. Rather than spending thousands on your very own storage facility, you can make use of our wine storage in Singapore. We are proud of our facilities and ensure that they are the optimum temperature for your wines throughout the year, after all, there's nothing worse than selling wine, only to find that it has been effected by extreme temperatures.

We have a wide range of different storage capacities to choose from, ensuring that we can hold your wine stock for you whilst you're making or sale, or if you would like to collect the wine yourself. By choosing a specific storage capacity, you can avoid overpaying for space that you will not use, ensuring that you can get the very best out of your money.

Sales Order Management

At Provino Logistics, we have created our very own customer portal that allows our customers to check our wine storage facility in real time to manage their stock, as well as make additional withdrawals or deposits. This can be accessed with ease via your phone, allowing you to manage your storage without hassle. With our professional wine storage, stock managing can be completed with ease, ensuring that you have enough stock to sell, without making any errors regarding numbers.

So, why choose our professional wine storage?

Fantastic Facilities

Our facilities are some of the best available in Singapore and have a reputation for their ease of use. Access to your wines is simple and can be done from anywhere at anytime. On site, we are a full service warehouse specializing in the storage and logistics related to the beer, wine and spirits industry. Additionally, the warehouse itself is very well signed, which makes finding your particular storage extremely simple. If you have any questions whilst on site, or if you would like more information regarding your storage, you can simply call our customer helpline directly, in which one of our friendly team will be on hand to provide you with the help and support you need.

Outstanding Security

As a Singapore Customs licensed warehouse we must take security very seriously. At our storage facility, we have 3 levels of 24 hour surveillance, 7 days a week to ensure that your stock is always being watched over. We understand that you are putting a great deal of confidence in our services when storing your wine. As a result, we make use of only the best security services on the market to ensure your stock is fully protected. We have high-quality cameras throughout the site, as well as doors that can only be opened with security codes and PINs to ensure that only staff can access the site. To further this, each member of our staff is trained to follow all Singapore Customs compliant security protocols, which are both extremely strict and well rehearsed so we can quickly react should we have to.

The Best Customer Service On The Market

We believe that our outstanding level of customer service makes us the best wine storage facility in Singapore. Each member of our team has undergone high-level industry specific training which is updated twice a year to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible service. This includes knowledge regarding the facility itself, from information about our customers, to information regarding how we treat specific wines. By doing this, we can make sure that each and every one of our customers is nothing less than satisfied with our services. We are available around the clock to provide you with any answers that you require regarding the storage of your wine or to plan a time in which you can deposit or withdraw some of your stock.

Contact us today and discover how our wine storage facility can help you cut your business costs and increase your profits!

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