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Fine Wine Storage

Fine Wine Storage Services

Your wine is extremely precious. But without the proper storage facilities, it's also at risk of falling short of its full potential through damage and lack of care. During our years within the industry, we have helped thousands of connoisseurs from all around the globe to maximise the value and get the very most out of their collections. Our premium wine storage is known across the fine wine world for our commitment to extraordinary care. That is why wine investors choose Provino Logistics for their premium wine storage.

We are committed to maximizing the value of your wine, as we understand the importance of its storage. We undergo every procedure possible to ensure that your wine is stored properly. We create and maintain the perfect conditions to provide you with the very best investment. By providing such high-quality care, we have been trusted to look after some of the world's finest and most expensive collections. Here are the many reasons that fine wine merchants consistently encourage their customers to store their wine with us.

Humidity Controlled Storage

Over time, every bottle of wine will begin to lose some liquid due to evaporation. Even the highest quality corks do not provide a bottle with an impenetrable seal. However, if the humidity of the area where your wine is stored is not right, the evaporation process can speed up, decreasing the value of your wine. When we store your wine, we maintain optimum humidity, ensuring that your cork is moist and prevents most of your wine from evaporating.

During our years in fine wine storage, we have set industry standards by refining our fine wine storage between 75% - 85% humidity. We make use of precisely engineered systems in order to constantly monitor the humidity in our facilities.

Stabile Temperature

Your bottle of wine is extremely valuable and should be treated as a living thing that must mature slowly. In order to get the very best out of this maturity process, the ideal temperature is between 13-14 degrees celsius in order to achieve the very best results. Fluctuations in the temperature can cause the cork to expand and contract, which will let air into the bottle and therefore damage the quality of your wine. Using the best technology in the industry, we work hard to maintain the temperature in our facility, making precise adjustments should they be required. We have invested in air conditioning, humidity controls and insulation to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible temperature conditions.

Air Quality

Poor ventilation whilst in storage can significantly damage your fine wine. Musty or strong smells can penetrate the work which will impact the flavour. This is why wine should never be stored near fruit, vegetables or cheeses. In addition to this, stagnant air can significantly impact humidity. We ensure that fresh air is able to reach every one of our cases to guarantee the best possible air quality.

Light and Vibration

Light can impact how quickly your fine wine matures, which is why winemakers often make use of coloured glass in order to slow down the ageing process. However, this glass does not stop ultraviolet light from damaging the aroma, flavour and structure of your wine.

In order to resolve this issue, our team have installed high-quality lighting at our wine storage so that we can limit the light that gets to your wine. Our lights are managed using sensors, ensuring that your wine can spend most of its time in the dark.

In addition to this, fine wine can be damaged by vibrations. Vibrations can cause dropped corks as well as disturb the sediment which will speed up the ageing process.

Within our facilities, we have ensured that vibrations are kept to a minimum. Making use of particular storage methods as well as particular materials within the facility to ensure that vibration is unable to impact your fine wines.

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